Photo: Entrance of Tra Noc Industrial Zone Over the past years the economic growth in Vietnam has risen significantly. As a result Vietnam has an increasing number of more than 200 registered industrial zones without sustainable wastewater treatment. To approach this challenge, a "Flagship Project" is realized for Tra Noc Industrial Zone in Can Tho City, located in the Mekong-Delta. Accomplishing activities for the central sewage treatment plant of the industrial zone, the German-Vietnamese joint research project develops an integrated wastewater concept for industrial zones ("AKIZ" = "Integriertes Abwasserkonzept für Industriezonen") to secure the efficiency and sustainable operation of the whole wastewater system including all its technical components. In addition to the combination of centralized and decentralized wastewater treatment solutions, the close connection of technical and financial planning is an important part of the integrative approach. This also includes adequate structures for wastewater tariffing and cost allocation.

Objectives and tasks

Using containerized pilot plants for different branches in Tra Noc Industrial Zone, high-tech solutions for pre-treatment of wastewaters, generation of energy from wastewater and recuperation of valuable substances are adapted and verified by on-site pilot systems, taking into consideration the local conditions. Concepts for sewage sludge management are investigated. Monitoring surveys create the database for control mechanisms especially in terms of toxic wastewaters.

Furthermore, sociological and ecological aspects are researched. The sustainable implementation of AKIZ shall be supported through capacity building for stakeholders and local partners.

Applied science and close co-operation

Within the frame of six sub-projects, German and Vietnamese research and industrial partners jointly perform the research work and practical application of the pilot systems in Tra Noc together with relevant local authorities. Furthermore, the project is conducted in cooperation with ODA partners, like GIZ and KFW.

Four main project phases

The project is implemented in four main phases between 2010 and 2014: basic and conceptual studies, adaption to local situation and set-up, optimization and evaluation, and, finally, verification and transfer of results.


Time line

Best practice guides

The results of the project will be condensed into two guidelines:

These guidelines will be addressed to both Vietnamese and German decision makers, to give impulses for a sustainable development of the industrial wastewater sector, not only in Vietnam but also in other countries with similar conditions.

Support by research ministries and industry

Photo: Drainage in Tra Noc Industrial Zone The joint project is sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (MOST). Additional financial contributions of the participating German industrial partners emphasizes the economic relevance of the project. The total project budget amounts to more than 10 million EUR.