TP 1  –  Coordination of the joint research project and development of an Integrated Management Concept (AKIZ)

Need for wastewater concepts of industrial zones

Wastewater treatment in Vietnamese industrial zones has often suffered from poor governance, management and chronic under-investment. The AKIZ integrated management concept shows the most appropriate technologies and operational measures and explains their successful application by adopted solutions. Especially operators, investors, financing institutions (e. g. donor banks) as well as legislative and supervisory authorities may benefit from the project.


Drainage in Tra Noc Industrial Zone


In most cases, any reasonable wastewater concept for industrial zones has to be a combination of centralized and decentralized wastewater treatment systems as well as of technological and economical measures. Centralized wastewater treat-
ment plants will not work without decentralized pre-treatment facilities, wherever toxic or inhibiting contaminants are discharged. The (re)use of water, valuables and energy from wastewater can often be more profitable in decentralized plants, near-to-source at the factories, where the integration of water- and energy-efficient production is possible.

An important part of the integrated management concept is the financial model, which indicates required investments, budgets for operations (incl. sustainable maintenance and monitoring), plus expected cash-flows with debt-repayment potential.

Development of the overall, integrated concept

In addition to the coordination of the joint research project, TP 1 covers the development and proving of an overall, integrated management concept for wastewater disposal in industrial zones in Vietnam and emerging countries in the tropics with similar conditions.

Based on the results of the other sub-projects, the AKIZ management concept has to integrate centralized and decentralized, near-to-source solutions for the treat-
ment of industrial wastewater, on the one hand, and technological and economic aspects, on the other hand. The concept shall cover all relevant functions for the sustainable operation of the wastewater infrastructure within the industrial zone, taking into consideration the local conditions.

The concept will be based on a comprehensive monitoring and control system, also taking into consideration reliable quality control of the day-to-day operation, and creating the basis for cost calculation and re-financing of all facilities and organizations within the industrial zone.

Contiguous aspects and capacity building

To complete the management concept, contiguous fields like waste, contaminated sites and as well as sociological and ecological aspects, relevant to apply AKIZ, have to be researched. The sustainable implementation of AKIZ is supported by capacity building for stakeholders and local partners.

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