TP 3  –  Anaerobic industrial wastewater treatment with energy recovery

High organic loads in tropical regions are suitable for anaerobic treatment

Recent research and applications show that decentralized anaerobic systems are suitable for industrial and domestic wastewater treatment in tropical regions due to high temperatures. Especially for wastewater containing a high concentration of organic compounds these treatment systems are relevant, like in fish and seafood processing industries.


Seafood processing


The anaerobic treatment offers additional advantages by producing biogas which can be used for energy production, making the process ecologically as well as economically interesting. Moreover, excess sludge production of anaerobic treat-
ment is very low, while the dewatering characteristics of the sludge are excellent.


In order to show the applicability under real conditions, within TP 3 an anaerobic wastewater treatment system with energy recovery is adopted and applied on pilot-scale at a fish and seafood processing factory with highly organic loaded wastewater.

Pilot system

The pilot plant consists of anaerobic reactors, optionally equipped with a mem-
brane module, biogas collecting and purification system, sampling and control units. The biogas will be used as an energy source for cooling systems.

The pilot plant is constructed by industrial partner Passavant-Roediger. Within the project, the most suitable process and operation mode for the system will be identified, with the aim of achieving high conversion rates and biogas yields.


Flow scheme of TP3 pilot system

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