Monitoring concept

For technological and economical planning of wastewater treatment solutions a reliable database of wastewater analyses is necessary. So far this database and regular measurement programmes are of only limited scope and size for Tra Noc and other similar industrial zones. Therefore an adopted monitoring and control concept for industrial zones under the specific conditions in Vietnam and similar emerging countries will be developed.

The monitoring concept has to take into consideration the local and regional situation in terms of environmental, legal, organisational and institutional as well economic circumstances with regard to monitoring tasks.

Sampling programmes

Starting with the identification of relevant monitoring points and parameters, sampling programmes are defined and practically conducted in Tra Noc Industrial Zone. Main focus will be on toxic contaminants and constituents which are able to inhibit or even stop the biological treatment process of wastewater treatment plants.


Monitoring of river water levels at drainage outlet    Monitoring of hydraulic situation in Tra Noc Industrial Zone    Sampler at open drainage

Development and operation of a containerized laboratory

A containerized laboratory unit, adopted to the specific working and climate conditions, will be implemented in Tra Noc. The project tasks include the definition und evaluation of analytical concepts for the laboratory in terms of monitoring tasks as well as practical operation and optimisation of the laboratory unit. The laboratory also offers analysis capacities for measurement programmes of the other sub projects within the AKIZ joint project.

For storage of and access to analysis data a specified remote control system will be implemented in the laboratory.


Installation of laboratory containers in Nov. 2010      Layout of the containerised laboratory

Main project partners

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Link  IEEM gGmbH – Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management
    at the University of Witten/Herdecke

Link  Vietnam Institute of Industrial Chemistry (VIIC)


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