Concepts for sewage sludge management

Since the number of wastewater treatment plants in Vietnam has increased rapidly during the last years a need for sustainable solutions in sewage sludge manage-
ment has occurred.


An adequate sewage sludge management concept which particularly considers the interaction between wastewater (pre-)treatment and sludge quality is developed for industrial zones in tropical climates. For that purpose Tra Noc Industrial Zone in Can Tho is used as an example. Recommendations on sludge treatment, reuse and disposal are determined not only for sludge produced at the central waste-
water treatment plant but also for sludge produced by decentralized wastewater pre-treatment at selected industrial branches (among others that of TP 2 – 4).


Biogas plant

Survey on sludge situation and practical sludge treatment tests

So far no data is available about sludge qualities and quantities produced from industries in Tra Noc Industrial Zone. In the first phase of the project basic data about wastewater quality and corresponding sludge production have to be collected.

Using laboratory scale sedimentation and biological treatment experiments, primary and secondary sludge will be generated from different wastewaters representing the wastewater characteristics of different industries and of mixed inflow to the central wastewater treatment plant. This will enable a prognosis of sludge amounts and qualities taking into account different sources of industrial wastewater.

For laboratory and pilot plant scale examinations in Tra Noc, the industrial partner Passavant-Roediger will supply the specific test equipment.


Sludge filter press   Reed beds   Anaerobic reactors

Relevant sludge treatment technologies

The following treatment technologies are chosen as relevant for the project:

The determination of the sludge management concept includes practical experiments regarding adequate treatment technologies on site in Tra Noc. Among others the effect of possible inhibiting wastewater and sludge substances, which can be a hazardons to biological sludge treatment, will be investigated.

Main project partners

Link  Braunschweig Institute of Technology, Institute of Sanitary and Environmental
    Engineering (ISWW)

Link  Passavant-Roediger GmbH

Link  Vietnam National University, Institute for Environment and Resources (IER)

Link  Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology (VAST)


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