Six sub-projects

The joint project consists of six main sub-projects (TPs), each executed together by both Vietnamese and German partners:

TP 1:

Coordination of the joint research project and development of an integrated management concept

TP 2:

Elimination of toxic substances by chemical and physical treatment

TP 3:

Anaerobic industrial wastewater treatment with energy recovery

TP 4:

Recovery of valuable materials by membrane filtration

TP 5:

Development and operation of a containerized laboratory and monitoring concept

TP 6:

Sewage sludge management concepts

Additionally, contiguous research fields like sociological and ecological aspects as well as the implementation of capacity building measures are conducted by sub-contracts within the coordination activities of TP 1.


Project Structure


Including the sub-contractors, eight universities and four industrial partners are involved on the German side, sponsored by the BMBF. On the Vietnamese side nine academic institutions take part in the joint project, supported by MOST.